About FEI

FEI is a technical energy integration firm using both renewable and highly efficient alternative power producing equipment and technologies for a variety of Mixed-use applications.  Our energy solutions are based upon highly efficient and affordable microturbine, waste heat generation, solar, wind and fuel cell equipment.  FEI also provides air, water and soil pollution elimination solutions that remove harmful chemicals and pollutants at 99.9% efficiency. Our ability to integrate solutions which will completely eliminate noxious air emissions and water or soil pollution contaminants results in a reduction of greenhouse gases, carbon footprint impact and sustainability of the environment in addition to increasing the responsible marketing and industry profile of the customer.

FEI provides component integration incorporating “Best in Class” reputable US and International based solution partners.  We integrate our solutions to an unlimited range of customer applications including: hotels & resorts, casinos, hospitals, water parks, municipalities, data centers, factories, power plants, commercial & industrial properties, agricultural properties, educational facilities and landfills to name a few.